Jetoptera’s recent tests demonstrate wing-borne propulsion capabilities
Company furthers Fluidic Propulsion System™ (FPS™) flight testing

Jetoptera announces the successful completion of an initial phase of flight testing of its Fluidic Propulsion System™ (FPS™) on a glider-based test bed.  The test flights successfully operated the FPS™ at various speeds, attitudes and rates of climb in wing-borne deployment.  The technology will power Jetoptera’s full line of VTOL-capable products with payloads between 25 - 1,000 lbs, paving the way for its introduction to manned aircraft after appropriate maturation and certification.

“Following on from fluidic propulsion’s first flight two months ago, we have developed a glider-based platform to test FPS™ systems of various sizes, shapes and power,” said Jetoptera CEO, Denis Dancanet.  “This summer, more tests will follow employing the flying test bed for wing flight evaluations. Separately, Jetoptera’s technology maturation plan also includes upcoming VTOL and hovering demonstrations.”

The FPS™ technology is a remarkably simple solution to producing thrust from fuel.  The only comparable solution in terms of simplicity is a turbojet, which is less efficient.  Fluidic propulsion is also simpler, more compact, and promises similar efficiencies with turbofans of the same thrust class.  It also naturally enables distributed propulsion and VTOL capability. The proprietary FPS™  system employs unique technologies and advanced materials to improve performance, including a modern gas generator, an advanced fluidic thruster system design, ultra-lightweight, heat-resistant ceramic matrix composite (CMC), and 3D printed metallic components.

“The glider test bed is the perfect tool for us, allowing testing over the entire flight envelope expected for Jetoptera’s cargo and manned aircraft product line,” said Dr. Andrei Evulet, CTO. “It allows a rapid deployment of the best designs down selected from static and wind tunnel tests. It shows clearly the advantages of using the propulsion system for other wing-borne flight applications as well. This test is a key step in the FPS™ maturation program, which has yielded positive results and sets us on the right path for future certification testing.”

About Jetoptera

Jetoptera is developing powerful UAVs and realistic flying cars to revolutionize transportation. Our distributed propulsion system and novel airframe create a lighter, more efficient, less complex aircraft than previous models. Our technology enables vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), high speeds, sizable payloads and range, and maneuverability.

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